Xmas Xtras!

Schools have shut for christmas holidays and children are home. Rather than get bored, how about sprucing up your home and the Christmas tree with these lovely crafts? And what’s good about them is that you will not have to bother your parents to buy you anything for it; you will find almost everything in and around your house. So let’s get started!

Santa Photo Frame


  1. Look for a cardboard and cut two similar shapes from it. Leave one as it it and cut out a window opening in the other one.


2. Print out this Santa head and his sleigh. Alternately, you could draw it out according to the size of your cardboard frame. Colour it in using crayons, felt tip pens or paints. Cut them out.


3. Assemble your frame by putting the flat cardboard shape behind, then add double sided foam tape to the underside of your window frame and paste on top of the cardboard. Don’t forget to keep the top side of the frame open to insert your picture.

Finally stick your Santa and sleigh and you are ready to rock!


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