Indian Festival Navratri – Nine Nights before Dussehra

#Navratri is nine nights of dancing the ‘garba’, worshipping the #goddesses that represent ‘Sakti’ or female energy with #marigold garlands, and finally burning the evil – represented by Ravana. It marks the battle between good and evil and the ten days of battle between Lord Rama and #Ravana, which ended with the death of the mighty king Ravana. Have you ever wondered why we always garland our goddess during the festival of Navratri? It is believed that the colour and fragrance of the flowers attracts the goddess and the divine energy is transferred to the entire house where the idol is placed. Garlands made of #marigold flowers are considered most auspicious and are mostly used during Navratris.

So why not make our own marigold garland to attract this divine energy? Let’s follow this step-by-step tutorial . It’s easy and made with things found around the home.

Cut some yellow and orange crepe paper into rectangles.


Pleat each rectangle in an accordion fold and tie a string around the middle.


Spread out the two edges of the folded rectangle. Place one on top of the other and stick it.



Now cut out some leaf shapes from green kite paper. Thread the flowers and leaves alternately in a thread with the help of a needle.IMG_20180927_180810IMG_20181005_141239You are now ready to garland and welcome the Goddess on the first day of Navratri today!


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