Meet Gandhiji’s Three Monkeys

Did you know?

The three monkeys that we associate with Gandhiji were actually gifted to him by a group of visitors from China.

Their names are Mizaru – who is covering his eyes and telling us to see no evil; Iwazaru – who is covering his mouth and telling you to speak no evil; Kikazaru – who is shutting his ears and telling you to hear no evil.

If you are visiting the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, don’t forget to see a larger representation of the three monkeys displayed there.


Gandhi’s Three Monkeys is also the name of the sculpture created by famous Indian contemporary artist, Subodh Gupta. In his signature style, the sculptures are created with stainless steel cooking instruments, tiffin boxes and pails. The sculpture consists of three heads each covered with a different object – a helmet, a pair of glasses and a hood – all military gear. They represent the themes of war and peace as a tribute to Gandhiji who championed peace. You can check out the installation by clicking on the link below:


So let’s get down to making our three monkeys.

You will need:

3 paper plates

Some beige/brown paper

Black marker


Brown Paint


Paint the back side of the paper plates brown and leave them to dry.



Cut out circles from the beige paper for the mouth part. These should be considerably smaller than the size of your plate. Then cut even smaller circles for the eyes.


Make ears for each monkey by cutting a circle of beige paper in half and pasting it on each side of the plate. You can layer it with two shades of brown if you wish.6f87bf01-e291-424f-9e02-e952dd5974f1

Trace around your hand on the beige paper and cut out two hands. Attach them with strips cut from the same paper to the back of the plate.


Now paste the hand side of each strip on the eyes, mouth and ears respectively on the front of the plates.


Voila! Your Mizaru, Iwazaru and Kikazaru are ready. Can you tell the names of each monkey?

And now you are ready to teach your friends the lesson these monkeys taught you?


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