Gandhiji comes to Art4All

I am pleased to announce that starting from this post I will be putting up art and craft activities for the children to do on their own at home or for a school project. The activities are broken up into step by step instructions that are easy to follow. But they are not just like any other activities. The difference here is that they are linked to our culture, the curriculum and in general to learning. So at the end of the project you will not only make a beautiful creation, but also know about its origins or meaning. Thus it becomes a lesson in art integration.

Use it for school projects, use them for your show and tell, or just make them for fun! And I would be glad if you send me your creations so that I can post them on the blog. So let’s begin our journey.

This October 2nd is the 150th birthday of our beloved #Gandhiji – also called the Father of the Nation. We will begin by introducing projects related to him. Some of the projects included will be:

  • Gandhiji’s three monkeys
  • Gandhi’s cleanliness drive
  • Self reliance with the Charkha
  • Learn to draw Gandhiji

The clock is ticking away and it’s now time to post our first project!


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