Krishna Stories Illustrated

Indian children grow up on the stories of Krishna and his childhood pranks. Thus visualising these stories comes easy to them. Again, due to an abundance of Krishna images and statues found in most households, the image is embedded in their minds.

Over the years we have introduced the stories and their illustration in various ways. The stories really come to life when kids add their own details to the main theme.

One of the artists who has worked consistently on themes of mythology is  Jamini Roy. He used flat colours and simplified forms to convey the theme. Here are a few examples of Krishna stories inspired by his style.

Infant Krishna being taken across the riverKrishna lifting Mt GovardhanBirth of Krishna in jail

Another group of kids worked with collage materials and clay to depict their scenes. They used clay and googly eyes to model their Krishna and fabric, shells, sequins, – just about anything they could lay their hands on to complete their illustrations.


Krishna fighting the Demon BakasuraKrishna fighting the demon BakasuraKrishna fighting Kaalia NaagInfant Krishna being carried across the river

And finally, a painting of the Blue God, inspired by the Indian artist Manjit Bawa.



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