Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful to look at…but especially when they are created by toddlers with beautifully patterned papers which they have created, their beauty crosses another level.

To begin with, toddlers had fun creating their patterned paper by laying on thick paint on their papers and spreading it around using their fingers, combs, toothpicks, even a hair brush!!DSC_0140DSC_0013DSC_0033

We left these gorgeously vibrant papers to dry. The following week, kids looked at many butterfly images and noticed the shape of the wings, body and the patterns on the wings. They set about cutting their own butterfly shapes. They needed to cut every shape in twos by folding the paper in half and drawing. They needed some help cutting these shapes.

They stuck these shapes on a tinted sheet of paper and finally added details with crayons to complete the environment for their butterfly.


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