Kieth Haring Visits Mondrian

Kindergarteners enjoyed playing around with colours while making their colour wheels. Each child was given a cardboard disk covered with foil. They squeezed out the three primary colours on it and moved it around with their fingers. They got beautiful secondary colours…see the delight on their faces!DSC_0030To apply the new skills learnt, we decided to look at Mondrian. Looking at the works, kids could identify all the primary colours. We decided to use black tape to randomly place the vertical and horizontal lines. Next the kids were asked to fill in three of the spaces created with each of the primary colours. They thought it looked like a jungle gym.

So we planned on putting people on the jungle gym. Keith Haring was the natural choice. Using tinted paper of the three secondary colours, kids cut out their figures and put them on their artwork.

The results were stunning: Keith Haring meets Piet Mondrian!



DSC_0064 copyDSC_0056.JPG


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