Reptile-arium is a word we have coined to describe a place where reptiles are kept. Taking inspiration from Joseph Cornell’s boxes and assemblages, we decided to make our own assemblages to house our reptiles.

We started off by looking at assemblages by the artist Joseph Cornell. Children were fascinated with the different things he put into his boxes. They were given the task of collecting things from their homes along with a cardboard box for the following week.

The next week they started assembling their boxes. Rejecting the rectangular format of Cornell’s boxes, some children combined the lids and boxes in different ways, added their objects and painted some parts.

The next step was to add their reptiles. Children learnt to draw different reptiles using basic shapes and then adding details and textures. They used the monoprinting technique to print the reptiles on to paper and cut them out. These were added selectively to the boxes.

Kids enjoyed the creative freedom of this project and could use their imagination to create a reptile-arium of their choice.



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