Bird Sculptures

I chanced to see the sculptures of Barbara Kobylinska while browsing the net. I was totally blown away by them. The whimsical birds with their gracefully curving necks, tall and elegant demeanour and last but not the least, the vibrant colours and bold patterns, too tempting not to explore with the children.

I introduced the artist and her work to my middle schoolers, who were waiting for an assignment where they could use some 3D. I had a bag full of plastic bottles left over from a previous project and decided to use them for the project.

We started with sketching out our idea in our books. We created some patterns that would be used for the final sculpture (though many of these initial patterns changed by the time they were on the bird).

Next, we began paper mache – ing our bottles. Once done, the neck and other appendages were added with aluminium foil, newspaper and other scraps brought from home.

The following week, we covered the sculpture with tissue paper and it was ready to paint.

We had not anticipated that the painting would take a couple of classes and more, but the kids had difficulty painting on the uneven surface.

But finally we finished them and I must say they looked stunning!!!





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