Artist of the Month

Bhairavi, a very talented student in our adult classes worked on this series of depicting the five elements – earth, air, water, fire and sky. She chose to depict it through deities that represent these elements. These gods and goddesses were drawn from various cultures, as these elements are universal. I loved the way in which these figures emerge out of their surroundings, thus making them truly representational. Each canvas demanded a different treatment in terms of technique and colours.

In the words of the artist, “I have brought out the unison of nature with body by painting in each element the deity specific to that element, but from different cultures.  the five paintings, titled, ‘Prithvi’ (Earth}, ‘Jal ‘ (Water), ‘Vayu’ (air), ‘Agni’ (fire), ‘Akash’ (Ether or sky)

IMG_5110 2
Akash represented by the Egyptian Goddess ‘Nut’
IMG_5109 2
Indonesian Goddess ‘Bhumidevi’ for earth
IMG_5108 2
The Greek God ‘Poseidon’ rules over the waters -‘Jal’
IMG_5107 2
The Indian God ‘Agnidev’ the lord of fire
IMG_5106 2
The Goddess ‘Feng Po Po’ represents wind.


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