Gallery Visit

“With ecology in delicate balance today, Madhvi Subrahmanian has created a tactile experience where questions about the disconnect of contemporary times with its environment are brought forth.” Gallery Chemould.

Last week our students visited the show ‘Mapping Memory’ by artist Madhvi Subrahmanian, showing at Gallery Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai. We were greeted by a huge installation near the entrance which had tree bark like structures, with small houses on top. The artist had invited viewers to be a part of the creative process by having them make clay trees and add them to the installation. Clay being such a fascinating medium, lured all kids and parents alike to participate in the creation.

The artist herself interacted with the groups and took them through the exhibits, at times amused and amazed at the insightful questions and remarks by the kids.

A series of sculptures showed houses with extended arms, the shadows of which projected as trees. It was a reference to the building activity in the city, where homes take over nature, inspite of which, trees have a way of making their presence felt.

What interested students the most were the rolling pins with marks engraved in them. When rolled in the tray of sand, they left imprints. A torch attached to the tray lit up the imprints to reveal words like ‘Love’, ‘Luck’, ‘Health’, etc.


And the highlight of the show was the installation of the city with tall and shorter buildings which were lit by a moving light source, creating interesting shadows on the wall behind.

Children sketched out some interesting ideas from the exhibition and took home a very enriching experience!


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