Myriorama In The City


Living in the city means being constantly surrounded by sights, sounds and smells. There is so much happening all the time! A car being dragged away by a  towing van, stray dogs playing on the sidewalk, policemen trying their best to direct the traffic around a cow in the middle of the street are some examples of the individual stories found all around us, if we pay attention.


Our students took up the task of observing for everyone. Using pieces of mountboard, they have illustrated their homes, and the road that runs outside it. They have lent their powerful imagination to it – resulting in colourful, vibrant and expressive paintings featuring busy roads, glittering glass buildings, cute little balconies, lush gardens and people in multiple interesting situations.


Myriorama originally meant a set of illustrated cards which 19th century children could arrange and re-arrange, forming different pictures. Using  that concept, these pieces of mount board once lined up, form an entire street of mismatched, whimsical buildings. The pieces can be shuffled, making it an endlessly variable collective artwork that uniquely shows the micro and macro of the children’s lives.



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