Inside Outside: Inside the themes of our 12th Annual Student Exhibition



Our world is a complex place, with things layered one over the other. Peel back these layers, and fascinating things are revealed. It is an impossible experience however, to see inside and outside at the same time, except through art. Children have a very unique way of perceiving the world around them, and keeping that in mind, we picked ‘Inside Outside’ as the theme for our 12th annual student exhibition. The exhibition showcased the creative interpretations of our students (ages 3-16) on the theme. Volcanos, houses, forests and fairytales were all turned inside out on canvas!

Each batch had a different theme relating to ‘Inside Outside’. Here they are:

Inside the Artist’s Home
Students from ages 6-7

Picasso, van Gogh, Hussain, Jamini Roy – everyone is familiar with these artists and their work. But they have never been seen like this before. This batch chose to explore the in and out of an artists home. Each painting has a part of the house, and of the view outside the window. They have adapted popular motifs, painting styles and concepts of their artist to create pieces that are unique, creative and just bursting with life.




Fact & Fiction
Students from ages 3-4

Picture books are young children’s first ventures into the magical world of stories. They learn about talking bears and scary monsters and friendly fairies, and grow to love these characters like friends. This theme brings to you the inside of storybooks as imagined by our toddler batch, featuring themselves in it.


Into The Mind
Students from ages 14-15

The surrealist art movement came about when the likes of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte tried to probe into their subconscious and paint those fantastical images. This theme asks the same of the students – what are your deepest hopes and fears, hidden inside your mind? The result is a range of very thoughtful and sensitive subjects, blended with the wonderfully crazy motifs of surrealism.



In the News
Students from ages 10-12

Every morning the newspaper is delivered to our homes, informing us of happenings- struggles, battles, successes-around the world. As soon as the last page is read, however, the newspaper and the news with it is swiftly put out of sight and out of mind. This batch of students decided to put the news under a microscope and find the recurring topics that struck a chord with them, and create conceptual art around them. All art is political, after all.




Layer by Layer
Students from ages 8-11

Children perceive their world in unique and fascinating ways. They see battles and space missions and hungry tigers, just from the toys lining the shelf of a toy store. They use their imagination to peel back the layers of our complex world, and reveal the hidden beauty and wonder inside. This is seen in these paintings made by students about the in and out of things and places they interact with in their daily lives.




In and Out
Students from ages 10-12

A painting can be complex and layered, but imagine the possibilities if the canvas is three dimensional! This unique technique of weaving strips of canvas has been beautifully executed by this batch of students. Treasure maps and gold chests, light footed deer spotted in a dense forest and conversations over coffee are a few of the scenes brought to life in these woven paintings.



Out the Window
Students from ages 9-10

Gazing out of the window is such a calming thing to do. Everyone has a favourite spot to look out from- the sofa, window ledge, or even a comfortable armchair. This batch of students has illustrated just that- the inside of their living rooms, and the wonderful scenery outside the window. Using scraps of multi coloured fabric stuck to the canvas, they have created vibrant living spaces with playful furniture, and gorgeous views outside.



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