Artist of the month: Suchita’s Portfolio

Our portfolio students always make us proud, and it is such a delight to see a student’s growth and development at the end of the process. One such student is Suchita. Suchita came to Art4All barely a month before the deadline for application to an Art Therapy postgraduate program at NYU. She had no previous experience with art but was by nature creative and conceptual.

Even though she did not have a lot of time in which to make a number of pieces, she worked hard to create conceptually strong pieces that showed her viewpoints as an artist and as an an aspiring art therapist. She did this especially through her 3D pieces, and created sculptures using unusual materials, as practicing psychotherapy requires familiarity with a range of materials. The overarching theme of her portfolio stemmed from experiences she had working in the social service space, like impermanence, neglect and trauma, and she created visuals for these in a variety of mediums.

“My lack of background in art was definitely intimidating, but Ms. Sampat focused on the research and experiences I had accumulated first hand and helped me develop them into finished pieces of art.” says Suchita.

She has been accepted into the Art Therapy program at NYU and will begin this fall. Her dedication and passion for what she does will be an asset to her there! Wishing her all the best. 


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