Breaking The Mold

The summer vacations are a perfect time for kids to immerse themselves in new activities, away from the pressures of school and homework and the unending work that children somehow always have. Our summer clay workshop was a fun respite from the heat, and the children let their imaginations run wild with the versatile material.

Over two weekends the children worked in two techniques- pinch pot method and slab method. The pinch pot method is used to make pots manually, as opposed to using a pottery wheel. The children made little pinch pots, and turned them on their side to reveal monster heads. They added eyes, tongues and horns to make fantastical monsters!

The slab method had them knead and roll clay into thick slabs. They used these slabs to make Rapunzel towers, and textured floral slabs inspired by a vase of flowers in the studio.

Working with clay is very beneficial for young children. Moulding the soft clay develops their motor skills and dexterity, and opens their mind to thinking in 3D.  This spatial awareness encourages a different kind of creativity and ideas. Playful subjects, like monsters and castles are so exciting for them to work on, and to see the magical objects come to life before their eyes.


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