Print It Out

A printmaking piece shows a lot of different technical skills. Our portfolio students Asit and Alisha used the reduction printing method on linoleum to create two very distinct prints.

Reduction method is a printmaking technique when a multicolored print is made with the use of a single block. The lightest colour of the design is printed first, then the block is “reduced” by carving to the areas which the artist wants to print the second color from, and so forth. Both students began the process by making a detailed sketch of their print, marking out the different coloured areas.

Alisha’s print was inspired by the nature based art of Frida Kahlo, while Asit’s was a profile of a formidable wolf. They both used a similar colour palette of warm yellows, oranges and reds, using Akua Printmaking Inks. These inks are water based and really wonderful to use!

Working on linoleum using the reduction method requires the students to really strategise and plan out their work in advance. This helps them to hone their visualisation skills. Linoleum prints are can only be 3-4 colours, so it requires students to abstract their work to the extent that it appears bold and striking.


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