More the Merrier!

At the studio, it’s not just the kids who have all the fun. Our adult classes are always buzzing with experimentation and exploration! At any given moment there are always 5-6 different painting techniques being used, making sure there’s always something new to be inspired by.


Kavita and Neerja have started an abstract painting with their base inspiration being a richly hued doodle they made in their sketchbooks.

Ismat is working on a landscape of snowy mountains, perfect to gaze at in this sweltering weather.

Nidhi is working on not one, not two but three oil paintings at once! She has begun them in the most innovative way, by smearing leftover oil paint on canvas and building her compositions on this abstract background.

Ritu worked on a blind contour of a model of a skull, and created a composition using charcoal to depict the workings of her mind. Pervin completed a beautiful watercolour portrait.

There’s much to learn from practicing different methods of art, but often there’s even more to learn from the people around us. Every mind works in unique ways, and comes up with beautiful concepts and visuals. Inspiration and feedback can be found anywhere. Art making can be a solitary process, but can be even more enriched with the ideas and feedback of artists around you.


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