No Margin For Error

A portfolio piece by Asit started off with him sketching a model of a skull. He worked on his observational drawing skills by sketching different angles to understand perspective and planes of light. Using different intensities of black ink washes on paper, he created the highlights and shadows of the skull. He tore these up into scraps and recreated the surface of the skull with a collage of the scraps on a black background.

A feminist poster by Barbara Kruger

This stark contrast of white against black brought to mind Barbara Kruger’s radical and bold posters. Asit scanned the painting and used Photoshop to add typographic elements inspired by Kruger’s red bands against black and white images. He wanted his poster to reference the irreversibility of death, and that when it came to death there really was ‘No Margin for Error’.

Asit’s finished poster on the subject of the irreversibility of death

This piece is a great example of a simple activity being transformed into a conceptual artwork with some imagination. It showcases many skills and mediums at once- sketching, understanding of light and tone, collage, digital skills, copywriting, art history research and experimental typography, which are very interesting in a portfolio.



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