Dare to Doodle

An exercise for the students at the ISDI Pre College Academy was to just doodle. Many students were initially hesitant, and seemed unable to freely make marks on the paper. We found a solution to this by asking them to listen to music of their choice, and let their hands dance to it.
This really helped them to let go of their hesitation and enjoy the process of making random scribbles. Many students began to innovate, using different pens and pencils in combination with each other, as well as unusual hand movements that created unique marks.
The real fun began when they began to look for characters and faces in the maze of their doodles! They then detailed out these imaginative and whimsical characters, which they used to make comic strips in groups of 3-4 students.
While making these comic strips, they considered storyline, storyboarding and positive and negative space.
To be a designer requires some relinquishing of control, as inspiration can come from almost anywhere. Learning to be unafraid of perfection, and letting your thoughts flow onto paper can sometimes reveal the best ideas. It is also important for young designers to learn visual thinking strategy- how to ‘see’ lines and forms as building blocks for stories.

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