Str-ETCH of Imagination!!

A circular cardboard and some crayons formed the starting point for this project.

Students coloured their circles with bright crayons using random strokes. These were then covered with black paint using a big brush so that it did not dry while painting. Using shape tools and old credit cards – cut into a pattern – they etched out patterns in their black paint, to reveal the brightly coloured surface beneath. These were left to dry.

Once dry, kids made holes around the circumference of the circles on pre-marked dots, using a thick tapestry needle.


They rummaged through a pile of coloured yarn and chose the colours for their project. Threading these through the holes, they made a design with the yarn on their circles.


It was great fun for the children to see the colours magically appearing when etching through the black paint and forming new patterns. The threading of the yarn through the holes was a fun way to develop their motor skills.



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