New York Diaries

The New York art and culture scene is vibrant, and exciting. There are the world famous museums, artist-run galleries, graffiti walks as well as sprawling book shops you can get lost in. New York’s art scene can be overwhelming to the most seasoned art lover.

Presenting at the NAEA 17 art educator’s convention was the perfect opportunity to extend my stay and soak in the art and culture of the city. But first the convention. Although jet-lagged and sleep deprived and of course extremely cold…it was down to -9 degrees C..the convention is always so stimulating and inspiring.

My presentation on ‘The World is your Canvas’ on bringing contemporary art to the classroom, received an overwhelming response. The hall was full and people also squatted on the floor so that they could attend the session. Their generous applause and flattering comments really humbled me. It was a Kodak moment when all the attendees cheered at the end of the session. They were all delighted to see the exhibits and to receive give aways with the kids’ artwork on them. The highlight of the session was the collaboration and exchange we worked out between my children at Art4All and some schools in parts of the US.



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