gallery We’re Back!!

We have renovated our studio and of course it took longer than expected. But it’s over now and we are all very excited about the new space. We are in the process of rearranging our supplies and resources, but the kids and adults have started coming in. I think neither the artists or the teachers could wait to get back. I will be posting pictures of the new space soon but here is an assignment we did to use up all the left over wood pieces from the furniture.

Since most of the pieces were angular and geometric, the best  thing we could do was to make Picasso Faces. So all the kids chose 5-6 pieces of wood – it was important to look for variety in them – and painted them. Textures were created using toilet rolls or brushes. All these pieces were put together and finally details such as the hair, eyes and lips were painted on.

So here are some of the masterpieces!





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