Sunny Gifts

Van Gogh’s sunflowers turned 3 dimensiional with these lovely vases created out of empty tape spools (yes we still have them left over!) Large sunflowers created from coloured paper and pasted on bamboo sticks filled the vases. The most exciting part was the pasting of sequins in the centre. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lucky moms.
 10336834_308903059265614_8188288930641670845_n 10259725_308902945932292_720460752243112438_n 1422612_308903075932279_2296279414632038835_n 10172564_308902882598965_4578576952669098313_n 10247212_308902879265632_5725026401267440400_n 10268516_308902872598966_7772721182263845868_n 10290704_308902942598959_3027682893419369599_n 10251953_308902989265621_5054581570298817493_n 10338311_308903052598948_3199504610919533838_n

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