That’s Me!

Self portraits was our theme for the last two weeks. Along with the children we explored the proportions of the face. They used strips of paper to measure distances e.g. from the head to the eyes; from the eyes to the end of the nose; etc. Then armed with a mirror, they made detailed observations of their face and drew it out.

Next, the children had to color their faces using warm and cool colors. warm colors for the face and cool colors for the hair, or vice versa.

Warm & Cool PortraitsAfter they had completed the coloring, children used clay to enhance parts of their portraits. They colored their clay with acrylic paints, rolled or coiled it and added it to their portraits.

Once the portraits were ready, we turned our attention to the background. We used stencils to make a black and white patternStencilling the background

Finally, they cut out the portraits and selected a colored sheet for the background. Now the challenge was to compose the three parts and put together their portraits.

And now here are their spectacular results!

The older kids made their portraits and rendered them using pencil shading, learning to create values by hatching and cross hatching. The backgrounds are stenciled and painted with a shadow.

This assignment tied in was a combination of lessons in line, color, and pattern.


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