How to talk to children about art?

art1st India

At the Open Minds Lectures & Workshops’ second session (Nov 16, 2013 at Harmony Montessori, Santacruz), art educator Purnima Sampat spoke about How to talk to children about art?

The session brought together a diverse group of 32 participants, among them art teachers, college professors and parents. The interactive lecture was punctuated with critical analysis of significant paintings by western master artists and followed by a critical analysis session for the participants.

“It should be less about you talking, and more about what the children have to say”, began the session. As Purnima took the participants through key steps of talking about an artwork with a child –  of gathering the child’s initial responses, description, analysis and interpretation, sharing information about the artwork with the child and to personalising the conversation with the child – her thrust remained on importance to be given to what the child has to say.

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