My name in Hieroglyphs

A fantastic treat awaits our children! The British Museum has brought Egyptian exhibits at the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. Its a huge collection from mummies to the Rosetta stone and many other artifacts. For the children to really enjoy these exhibits, I decided to first introduce them to the culture through stories and activities and take them to the show when they will understand it and enjoy it thoroughly.

Egyptian culture is absolutely fascinating and one can spend a whole year teaching it. I will be working with kids of all age groups for about a month and then take them to the museum.

The first of the artworks that were created are by pre-school children and grade I students. After a brief introduction into the ‘ABC’s of Egyptian language, they were ready to write out their names. Referring to the table that showed hieroglyphs for the various letters of the alphabet, they found their letters and drew them out. These were cut and pasted on another sheet.DSC_0505 DSC_0506 DSC_0507


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