From Home to School – Hockney style

My 5th and 6th graders learnt about the art of David Hockney. They looked at his colourful landscapes with long roads winding through colourful, patterned fields and hills. They also saw his painting which describes his journey from his home to the studio.

The children had to paint their journey from home to school in the style of David Hockney. At first the children stuck to blue sea and grey roads, but slowly as they experimented and discovered great results, they warmed up to the idea of using bright, saturated colour.

After completing their drawing, students outlined the entire scene with a bright coloured paint. Then they filled in colours and finally, added pattern to selected parts of the landscape.  You can see the Marine Drive sea front in almost all their pictures, as this is the arterial road of the city. Also the high rises, and other details, reveal a lot about the city they live in.


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