The Jungle Look

I really need to thank my parents for thinking of me everytime they have something to discard. These discarded material just force me to think of something to do with them and of course, the children take this to the next level by creating great artworks with them.

This time it was bags full of shredded paper from a lawyer’s office. We were already half way through our painting of trees, and depicting perspective through the light and dark shades of the trunk and the placement on the paper. The shredded paper gave us ready foliage. The only problem was that almost all the paper was white. So we worked around it by diluting various shades of green in seperate bowls and dipping the shredded paper in it. These were then left to dry on a newspaper. Finally, chunks of these were stuck on the trunks to create the tops of the trees. Children added their own elements to complete the jungle look.


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