Every child is an artist…

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Every child is an artist. The problemis how to remainan artist once he grows up.Pablo Picasso

I want to share this quote with all the parents of little children who insist that their children draw like little adults with perfect proportions, shading et al. In my 26 years of teaching I have had numerous such requests…”when are you going to teach my child to draw the corret proportion of a human body?” or ” when do you start shading with him?” In a nutshell, we try to teach the child all the skills we as adults learnt ( or did not learn). Almost like urging a first grader who has learnt to read, to read Shakespeare.

Great artists like Picasso, Miro and Klee collected child art and valued it for its spontaenity and freshness. Why do we as adults insist on the children losing these very valuable qualities and try to copy/draw in a certain way, which seems right to us?

So here’s to child art and Picasso. Let us let these artists remain artists. Here are some drawings done by little children when they had completed the assignment for the day and had 10 minutes to spare. How beautifully they have depicted their experiences in a totally uninhibited manner…only children can do this!


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