Watch out Interior Designers! Our young artists are here!!!

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Middle School Designers

This has been one of my most interesting and exciting projects in recent times. The excitement and buzz in the class from day 1 was unbelievable.

It all started when a parent sent some sheets of styrofoam to the studio. I decided to have the children design their rooms with them.

An architect parent  was called in and she brought in her drawings of plans and elevations. You can see how the children poured over these and took in every detail eagerly. They were very fascinated. They created their own plans and elevations. They went home and measured the space occupied by various objects in their rooms, like the bed, study, wardrobes, etc.

After creating the walls with paint and vivid patterns, children created various accessoriesand furniture pieces for the room. Their creativity really flowed and every bit of scrap was looked upon as a source for creation.

The children have done a marvellous job of the rooms, which can only be seen to be believed.


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