Welded scrap metal sculptures



This is one of my all time favourite projects, and its incredible that these sculptures are made by elementary kids.

The first thing I did was to spend an entire day at the scrap yard, selecting suitable pieces which were small enough and with no raw edges which would hurt the kids.

These were brought back to the studio, and displayed in a central place. The children picked up interesting  pieces, and tried constructing objects or animals with them. Adult help was provided, if the children needed to bend a piece in a particular way, or cut part of it; though this was discouraged.

A welder was at hand and as soon as the children had finalised their piece, they took it to the welder, who put them together.

The following day, children painted their piece first with an anti-rust solution. When this dried, they used enamel paints to give colour to their sculpture.

We exhibited these pieces at an art gallery, and they were some of the most appreciated pieces.


One comment

  1. Hi Purnima 🙂

    I really like these welded metal creatures you did with the children. You’ve inspired me to have a go at some point!

    Thanks for following my Curvalicious Blog, however I don’t blog there anymore, but will keep it up. I now blog (crafts, gardening, health, daily life) at steffnouveau.wordpress.com


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