The focus in my studio over the past few months has been our annual exhibition of children’s paintings- known to us as DREAMMAKERS. Every year I give the kids a broad theme, within which they have complete freedom to work. Last year the theme was our home city, Mumbai. The kids created BEAUTIFUL canvases and prints depicting what the city means to them. The exhibition always takes place in a very prestigious gallery called Gallery Chemould- where some of our most important contemporary artists show their works. It’s pretty amazing to see my 6 to 12 yr olds’ works up on those celebrated walls! The point of the entire show is to sell the works to raise money for various charities.

Anyway, this year the theme was Art Goes Green- I challenged the kids to create artworks out of trash. We used cardboard cartons as our canvas, and stuck on all sorts of trash to create the image… the idea was to point out to the kids that recycling can be fun, and that ANYTHING can be turned into art- all it needs is some imagination and innovation! Take a look at the works they came up with!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The older kids used corrugated cardboard cartons- we cut out the top later of paper in some parts,  to expose the ridges beneath to create a fun texture. People LOVED the exhibit!


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